Dear my friends

Dear My friends who met in Newzealand

How have you been??

I came back to my hometown last month.

and I met my family and friends so that everything is alright for me.

Sotaro is working at a hostel in Okinawa and I ll go to help him next month.

By the way
Why Im writing this is
to introducing our hostel that we planning to open!

We decided our Concept!

“Color yourlife Art yourself”
is our concept.

I learned a lot of things from my friends while
I was traveling Newzealand.

I wanted to know what you think,what make yourself,what you belive

because I wanted to understand you guys


I had been trying to tell what I think, what I belive, what make myself

because I wanted you understand me.

but it was so difficut

and sometimes I hurted you guys

Because my English is kind of shit.haha

And I learned
All people has each own common sence that other people can’t understand.

even in Japanese,even in family.

it’s mean ofcourse
we have a big contradiction between nationality.

We have each own common sence by nationality
because we had got a different education,a different system,different environment.

we have a different thought about religion,politics,philosophy,kindness,sin and so on.

even when I thought I completely understanded you

it was not.

it was my arrogance.

sorry about that!!

I regreted this so much!!

but thanks for that
I learned a lot of important things for a life.

As I said,
We have a big different common sence.

but also

We have a big same common sence.

what I found now






fart makes people laugh.

but sometimes not if that’s fart is sooo smelling
like one of my friend.


As you already know
Art is world common sence!

I’m arleady missing when I enjoyed music with you guys

with a small speaker

on the beach

on the top of mountain

in the car

in the kitchen

in the vineyard

So We ll make a place that everone could enjoy art in our hostel.

Love music!

im gonna let you know the detail of our hostel soon.


Have a nice day

Kind regards


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