Beach with nobody in yomitan(Okinawa)

I will write while studying English.

Speaking of Okinawa,Sea!

If you image Okinawa’s sea,
There is white beach,red hibiscus,blue sky,white cloud.
And you can feel relaxed time and good wind.

But in fact There are few such like that beaches.

There are peaple peaple and concrete.

Of couse there is shower,vending machine.
You can drink tapioca drink.
You can met beautiful woman.
Like that things are very goog!!

But sometimes I think that I want to relaxed.

And finally I found goood beach in yomitan(Okinawa)!!

There is nobody,nature and beautiful sea.
Coral is alive in there.
That is water is clear.
So sea is aliving.
You can find natural sea!

If I was a child,I make Secret base in there.


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