A Scary story in Newdics beach

I suddenly rememberd when we were on the Newdics beach in Newzealand.

One day
I was walking toward our car from Newdics beach with my friends

it take 15min to our car from the beach.

and it was a middle of the night.

we were surrounded by tall glasses.

We couldn’t see anything.

There was a completely darkness.


we were three people

my european friend “John”(temporary name for his privacy)

my japanese friend “Sotaro”



We were walking through “darkness” road to go back home.

without talking.


the things happned…..

suddenly I heared a strange sound from somewhere.


what’s happend??

I asked.


John answered me.

“oh shit.
I need to take a shit now”


His fart made his shit come outside soon.


We were at a middle of the road

and it would have taken at least 10min to arrive the car.

We had no choice.

“take a shit here!”

We got a big problem.

We didn’t have any papers to wipe his ass.

But we got a solution.

“take Big Nice leaves to wipe his ass!!”

We rushed to find Big Nice leaves around there.

But it was too darkness to find Big leaves.

John checked some leaves that I picked up.

He simulated when he would wipe his ass with this leaves.

and He said

“Too small!!”


He is well-mannered guy.

He can’t wipe his ass with unpropper leaves.


We couldn’t find Nice leaves.


It was a time to come outside his shit.

He disappeared to darkness.

and The sound

A horrible scream from his ass……..

We don’t know what happened on him after this.

We don’t how he wiped his ass.


This is a scary story that I experienced in the Newdics beach


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