Typhoon measures is important in Okinawa

Even though the hard days continue in Chiba, a new typhoon is coming to Japan.

I want to complain.

But Natural disasters don’t care for us.

After all, what we can do is a little.

However, it is completely different if you don’t take measures.

This time, I will write about typhoon countermeasures.

When it comes to measures, pay attention to your emergency food and battery.

But let’s look outside.

Typhoon countermeasures

1. Clean up things that are easy to fly

Isn’t it sad if you lose the veranda hanger?

And aren’t you scared if the hanger flies towards you?←This is important.

Even if it ’s light, if it ’s blown by a strong wind and speeds up, it will break the glass of the car.

SoDont be Troublesome,let’s clean up there

If you do it,You don’t have to pay bad compensation, and no one is in trouble.

2. Keep clean the drains

During a typhoon, a lot of rain falls in a short time.

During a typhoon, there may be too much water to drain.

Often the veranda becomes a pond.

It is the worst if water enters the room.

3. Fill the window gap

Of course you want to rest assured at home.

I want to cry if the rain blows and my PC or TV breaks.

So let’s Fill the window gap.

You don’t need special tools.

[duct tape]

With this, you can take first aid.

The cloth tape duct tape is the best.

Because the strength is different from paper tape.

All you have to do is close the gap in the window with gummed tape!

4. Prepare water

If a warning level typhoon comes, be sure to prepare water.

Of course it is necessary for drinking.

When the water supply is stopped, the toilet and shower cannot be used.

In such a case, it will flow if you add additional water.

5. Keep important things together

I can evacuate immediately

6. Slow down when everything is ready

It’s a fun time.

It ’s best not to go outside during the typhoon.

Let’s go to book off and TUTAYA while praying that the commuter train will stop tomorrow.

NETFLIX and Hulu are good now.

Don’t forget to prepare some sweets.


It ’s annoying because typhoons can cause damage.

No matter how many measures are taken, damage that humans cannot prevent will occur.

We can’t do anything about this.

But it seems that small typhoons are said to be “you can take a rest”, so there are times when you are thankful.

It would be great if you could rest at home without any damage.

It was a typhoon countermeasure that We can do.


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